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Once you go black you never go back and once you go African
there’s no way back again.


Our African brothers and sisters
certainly know how to make you want to get down. Their deep
heritage and culture revolve around music and more
specifically rhythm.

Over the years the sounds of Africa have
lent themselves perfectly to the dancefloor and have provided
endless inspiration for DJ’s and producers around the world.

At Q&D we have certainly thrown many admiring glances
South for source material in our sets and productions. This is
a record we’ve wanted to make for a long time, but it’s not easy
to tackle perfection. Not wanting to desecrate or disrespect
the original tracks was always a big part of being so cautious
about creating this record.


After finding (in our opinion) the
ideal two tracks to elevate we finally felt brave enough to go
for it and ‘Afro Vibes’ is the result. Two lengthy groovers for
your listening pleasure which are ripe for virtually any set.

Stick this record on at peak time in a club or midday at a
beach party and you’re sure to whip up a dancefloor frenzy of
pure unbridled joy.


Let Diaraby Nene take you on a journey of
triumph or shake off all those troublesome vibes with the
uplifting Mandola.


Q&D x

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